Small Bedroom Outside Closet Ideas

Small Bedroom Outside Closet Ideas

Having a small bedroom can sometimes be a challenge when it comes to storage. One common issue is the lack of closet space. However, with some creativity and thoughtful design, you can maximize the space in your small bedroom and create an organized and functional area without a conventional closet. In this article, we will explore some small bedroom outside closet ideas that will help you make the most of your limited space.

1. Utilize Wall Space

Small Closet Nook

If you don’t have a closet in your small bedroom, one option is to create a small closet nook. This can be achieved by utilizing wall space. Install a rod or hooks on the wall to hang your clothes. You can also add floating shelves or cubbies to store folded clothes and accessories. This will keep your belongings organized and easily accessible.

2. Repurpose Furniture

Small Bedroom Without Closet

Another clever solution for a small bedroom without a closet is to repurpose furniture for storage. Look for pieces that can serve a dual purpose, such as a storage ottoman or a bed frame with built-in drawers. These multifunctional furniture items can help you maximize storage space while adding style to your bedroom.

3. Create a Clothing Rack

Small Bedroom Closet Design

If you prefer an open concept and want to showcase your clothes, consider creating a clothing rack in your small bedroom. You can use a freestanding clothing rack or install a wall-mounted rack. This not only adds a stylish touch to your room but also makes it easy to select and access your outfits.

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Tips for Small Bedroom Outside Closet Ideas

Now that you have some inspiration for small bedroom outside closet ideas, here are a few tips to help you make the most of your space:

  • Maximize vertical space by using floor-to-ceiling shelves or wall-mounted storage solutions.
  • Utilize under-bed storage containers or invest in a bed frame with built-in storage.
  • Consider using transparent storage bins or boxes to easily identify the contents without opening them.
  • Use closet organizers or hanging shelves to create additional storage space within your small bedroom.
  • Opt for furniture with hidden storage compartments, such as nightstands or benches.
  • Keep your small bedroom clutter-free by regularly decluttering and organizing your belongings.


1. How can I create the illusion of a larger closet space?

To create the illusion of a larger closet space, use mirrors on the closet doors or install a full-length mirror nearby. Mirrors can make a small area appear more spacious and reflect light, making the room feel brighter.

2. How can I organize my clothes without a proper closet?

There are several ways to organize your clothes without a proper closet. You can use hanging organizers, clothing racks, or install hooks on the walls to hang your clothes. Folded clothes can be stored in baskets, cubbies, or on shelves. It’s all about finding creative storage solutions that work for your space.

3. How can I make my small bedroom feel less cramped?

To make your small bedroom feel less cramped, choose light-colored paint or wallpaper for the walls to create an airy and open ambiance. Use multi-functional furniture to maximize space and keep the room clutter-free. Additionally, maximizing natural light can also make the room feel more spacious.

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With these small bedroom outside closet ideas, you can transform your limited space into a stylish and functional area. Remember to get creative, utilize wall space, repurpose furniture, and explore different storage solutions to optimize your small bedroom. Apply these tips and techniques to make the most out of your space and enjoy a clutter-free and organized bedroom.

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